Caring for the Planet

At Inspired we care about everything!

We are trying to keep our environmental footprint to an absolute minimum.  This means:

  • We will not be packaging any of our products in plastic
  • Wherever we can we will use recycled card, paper and tissue, all of which is easily biodegradable
  • We will send all our waste to recycling
  • We are aiming to be a zero waste operation (e.g. absolutely no waste to landfill)
  • We are also working closely with our suppliers to help us achieve that goal

As for our lovely partners, they care as much for the planet as we do.  All components are sourced as responsibly and sustainably as possible, with as much thought for the planet as for the people that are creating them.

We hope you will help too!

Please help us to help the environment by sending any unwanted packaging from your Inspired deliveries to your local recycling. 

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