100% Italian designed, 100% made in Cambodia, 100% ethical bags now available in Hong Kong

When two Italian women met nine years ago in Cambodia, their passion for sustainable fashion drove them to develop a range of bags, purses and accessories, which not only create a statement on the arms of women all over the world, but have left a significant impression on the lives of the women who make them.

Made by local Cambodian social enterprise, Smateria, these bags are expertly tailored using clever materials, and support local women and their families with a socially-minded approach to business by being paid fairly and working in good conditions.  

It’s not just the bags we love …

  • Eighty percent of more than 120 employees are young women who are encouraged to bring their children to work, where Smateria pay for child care, ensuring they stay safe and receive an education.
  • Smateria also outsource some work to family members of their staff, by financing the sewing machines and offering free training to the tailors and their families.
  • Staff enjoy one month paid annual leave, paid maternity leave, health insurance etc, and most importantly, a nurturing and supportive working environment.

And as for the materials …

  • The bright-coloured Net fabric has become known as the Smateria signature design. This net fabric is found in abundance in markets all over Cambodia and is most commonly used for making fishing or mosquito nets – now it’s got new life as an eye-catching fashion accessory.
  • The Remix range really does get fantastic with plastic. Crocheted from recycled plastic, the bags are made by women who have been displaced from the city and now live in a shanty village 20km from Phnom Penh. The Smateria staff visit the village once a week to train the women to wash, cut and prepare the plastic before crocheting into the eye-catching designs which have got everyone talking!


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